Travel Apps Ruling The Tourism World

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February 4, 2017
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Travel Apps Ruling The Tourism World

travel apps

Apps are ruling the world today. The dawn of mobile apps has gone a long way in making your travel experience safe. Modern day devices come preloaded with apps that can come handy for your trip. With technology growing mobile apps have become a necessity for the travel industry. Sites like,, etc. make use of our taxi services, as they find us a safe option due to our GPS tracking system. talks of the 5 must have travel apps on your smartphone for travel enthusiasts.

Gone are the days when travelers carried maps and travel guides. Today everything is on your smartphone. The GPS give your location status and directions to the place you would like to visit. For a mobile user, the world is at their fingertips. The mobile gives real-time information irrespective of time and place. About 150 million travellers opt for a smartphone while booking an air ticket or hotel room.

Travel technology and business
Automation has made information available instantly. Now people can look up for information without having to depend on other people. Information, booking, billing everything is automated to save time.


Travel technology helps you to collaborate with any business be it transportation service, hotel booking, air tickets, restaurant, etc.
The client information is kept secure thanks to the security features that safeguards information from phishing attacks.
CMS helps to maintain and manage the content on the website and also helps to track the client records, especially those who are interested in making bookings. The CRM makes the sale easier.

Facts on travel and tourism apps
Statistics reveals that 85% use smartphones for travel and tour bookings. Another 30% use apps to book hotels and flights. Ahead of a trip 15% download travel apps. Travel and tourism related apps are ranked 7th highest in download category.

Popular tourism apps include map features (49.1%), GPS for directions (48.1%), search restaurants (62.1%), search hotel (46%), search engine activities 33.3%, buying tickets (8.1%), public transportation (12.6%) and checking weather (55.8%).

Security has become a key concern for mobile apps, and the cashless scenario has made it even more crucial. The move to digitalization has increased the concern for security. The client information and payment details have to be secured from any third-party. The mobile apps need top of the rack security to keep the information protected from intruders. Smartphones are turning vital in the travel business, and so does the responsibilities that come with it. Modern day travel feels secure with the travel apps not just to plan their vacation in advance but also to know the directions in a new city.

Travel and tourism apps are built by skilled developers. The apps are robust and scalable and deliver 100% client satisfaction. Download travel apps and enjoy a worry free vacation. Some apps offer exciting offers to attract the attention of the customer. Check the ratings and then download the apps. Check the app thoroughly to see if it will be useful. For those running short of time, travel apps have come a long way in guiding you through the process and deliver a seamless experience.


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