Helping Our Planet, Our Way-One Step At A Time!

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April 22, 2017
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November 15, 2017

Helping Our Planet, Our Way-One Step At A Time!

Businesses everywhere are slowly adopting Eco-friendly Techniques- A set of processes that aim to ensure that the damage inflicted on the planet through its activities, becomes minimal, if not non-existent. It is in keeping with this positive trend that Mothers Cab decided to do a radical rehaul- We have started to restore and recycle all of our used old vehicles! Why? Because, it saves from the heap of waste that gets accumulated every year and the pollution that comes with buying a new car.

It sounded really daunting at first, and many here were skeptical of the outcome. However, we decided to take the plunge, and do our bit to save Planet Earth. After all, Mother Cabs and Mother Nature are meant to help each other!

Why Reduce Carbon Footprints?
According to Carbon footprint of Nearly Everything, an invaluable guide to carbon emissions by Berners Lee, the contribution from the automobile manufacturing and allied industries to the environment is enormous. Even a small car can contribute to six tonnes of carbon emission in an average. This includes other greenhouse gases relative to the polluting potential of carbon dioxide.

Restoration Is Key To Saving The Planet
There is a general misunderstanding when the term “restoration” is used in relation to cars. Many people mistakenly associate the process with converting popular automobiles of yore. Restoration is not restricted to vintage cars alone. The term has a range of meanings. The process means to regain the lost glory of the vehicle. Some of the times your car would require a restoration would be:

  • When there is an accident where the car is damaged to a great extent. Simple repairs would not suffice and a full-scale restoration is the only option to regain the lost valor of the auto.
  • When you are sentimentally attached to the car and want it to be a shinny model in your garage. Sometime sentiments are too high that you cannot let go of the car. The process of restoration can give the original beauty to the car.
  • There are other occasions where the old car needs a disposal but it does not fetch the right price. Leave it to the auto restoration firm and sell it for good money at the pre-owned cars market.
  • When you dream of a fancy car and there is no financial means to acquire this goal, your existing car can be remodeled into a high end car. Auto restoration services will be able to complete this task perfectly
  • Traditional auto restoration involves old car restoration and it is a common process. There are many benefits that come with it.

The Result Of Restoring Our Cars
We are quite pleased of the results we have had with our own restoration attempts. Older models destined for the scrap yard, were given a total makeover! We had experts completely redo the cars, from the paint to the engines, making sure that our cars lived up to their former days of glory. And, they have! We have had remarkable success with our restored cars. Our attempts have captured the imagination of eco-friendly clients, who now specifically call for our restored cars!

Next Cool Eco-friendly Idea- Fabricated Containers As Garages

Once the restored cars began to ply the streets, we racked our brains for the next best idea to incorporate into our efforts to save Mother Nature, and we found it in innovative Container Modification companies like Supertech Industries. Companies like these are a Godsend, as they convert useless shipping containers into stylish spaces, to be used as homes or business premises. This got us thinking, and we came up with yet another eco-friendly solution. Our restored cars need a home to come to, so, why not get a refurbished shipping container made into a sturdy garage?

  • The eco-advantages of these modular structures are huge.
  • It is eco-friendly and the steel gives sustainability
  • Uses e-glass windows to reduce heat loss through windows
  • Uses spray foam that optimizes the energy utilization
  • Uses Gyproc portion for walls. It is 100% recycled
  • The vinyl sheet flooring uses 75% natural raw material and it comes with low maintenance. There is no need for chemical cleaning
  • Rubber baseboard use 43% natural raw material and comes with recycling option.
  • Energy Star cooling units are eco-friendly
  • LED lighting is an energy-saving proposition to incandescent

The work is still in-progress, but we hope to have it up and running in no time. More about that will be shared in the posts to come!

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